energy management software

There are a wide variety of different energy management software systems available and sometimes finding the right one can be a challenge. With so many different energy tracking software options, it does not take very long before you can feel overwhelmed when trying to find the right one for you. Energy management software is a general term for a very broad category. These systems may provide their users with utility bill tracking, real time metering, building simulation and modeling, carbon and sustainability reporting, energy audit and many more services.

Energy tracking software will collect data in different ways, but the basic idea is fairly simple. The operating system will either collect historic data or real-time interval data and sometimes both. The time intervals can vary from quarterly billing statements down to minute-by-minute smart meter readings. The software can track and measure electricity and natural gas, though there are many that can track water and sewage as well.
The main goal of energy management software is to reduce energy cost and consumption for buildings, manufacturer’s and even communities. Top energy consulting firms use various types of energy management and utility tracking software to collect energy data and help you in three key ways: budgeting, monitoring and tracking.
First, they report, which could potentially include verification of energy data, benchmarking, and setting up high level energy use reduction targets for yourself. Next, when monitoring, they will analyze data for trends and track energy consumption to identify potential cost saving opportunities that will save both money and energy. And, the final step is engagement. Engagement includes real-life responses (both automated and manual) or can even start a dialogue between the community’s occupants or the business’ managers to promote overall energy conservation. One method for engagement that has become increasingly popular is the option for a real-time energy consumption display that is available in web applications or online at energy dashboards or displays.

Using one of the top Energy Saving Software programs will really help your business or community to have a better understanding of how much energy is used and where one can save on costs. This information will enable you to work with your occupants and managers to find ways to reduce consumption and save more money and energy. We have what we believe is the best utilities management software in the market and the perfect one for your situation. If you are looking to accurately track, manage, and budget your spend we have the solution. By hiring a top energy consulting firm we will be able to help you get the most out of your energy use.

United Energy Consultants (UEC) is a custom programming and software development company that offers flexible, premium software and creative business solutions.

“ Premium Software Providing Superior Business Solutions ”

We are designers, coders, energy experts and implementers, focused on providing exactly the specific result you desire. Whether you want an out-of-the-box solution or a highly customized application, our team of experts can create the result you need.

UEC integration specialists will work with you to understand your specific needs. Our talented team of designers and coders will develop and implement your customized solution. We will work to ensure that Utility Module matches the look and feel of your existing brand, and coordinate with your IT staff to integrate with any internal databases or applications.

Our goal is to design, develop and implement your customized application of Utility Module

The Solution to Utility Management

Utility Module is a state-of-the-art, customized software system developed and exclusively delivered by United Energy Consultants to manage utility costs and consumption. It serves as the central management tool to analyze data, efficiently group
accounts, and maintain, service and advise users on the performance of their contracts, budgets and energy consumption. Whether managing a single facility or hundreds of facilities across the country, Utility Module provides an
array of property information, including annual budgets, daily re-projections, year-end forecasts, accruals, budget tracking, charts and reports, as well as savings analyses. Additionally, a minimum of two years of data history is maintained online at all times, providing the ability to compare costs and consumption in various views.

Provides Analysis at Your Fingertips
Optimizes Deregulated Purchasing
Issues Proactive Utility Alarms
Consolidates Utility Processes
Offers On Demand Reporting
Saves Staff Time
Ensures Accurate Data
Reduces Utility Errors